With over 1 billion users, Facebook’s population would make it the world’s third largest country. So why are teenagers switching to Snapchat? Why is Twitter awash with social media campaigns that fail? Why are Linkedin’s users losing interest? An ever-changing digital world demands ‘geek-like’ expertise. Thankfully, our specialist social media partner ticks all the boxes.

How On-Demand Graphic Design Helps Your Social Media Design

To maximize using an on-demand graphic design for social media graphics, know what type of content you want. With an on-demand graphic design service, there’s a no-holds-barred policy when requesting for designs. Here’s the list of design types you can have:

  • Social media ads design
  • YouTube channel art design
  • Pinterest graphic design
  • Instagram post design
  • LinkedIn banner design
  • General social media posts design
  • LinkedIn thumbnail design
  • Facebook posts design
  • Twitter banner design
  • Twitter posts design
  • Social media banners design
  • Facebook canvas design
  • Instagram story design
  • Facebook fanpage cover design

Think of what type of content you want to produce for each channel. The first step is to find your target audience to determine the types of social media designs you need. You can learn what your audience is looking at on social media by:

  • Sending surveys
  • Talking to prospects
  • Testing content
  • Joining social media groups
  • Competitor analysis

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Importance Of Graphic Design In Social Media Marketing

Currently, social media marketing is one of the most fierce weapons that brands have in their arsenal which they can use to target their audience. So, it is imperative for businesses to understand and accept the importance of graphic design in social media marketing for their brands.

If we go by the statistics on the number of users in the world who use at least one of the top 5 social media apps from their smartphones, there is a 95% probability that you were using one of those apps, too, before landing on to this blog.

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Marketing Material Design

Types of Visual Content in Social Media Marketing

Graphics : Original graphics and unique illustrations help content to stand out on social media news feeds.

Photos : Eye-catching and creative photos are great for showing what goes on behind the scenes.

Videos : Everyone knows that nice video gets more engagement on social media.

Animations : Animated interactions are a great way to grab your followers’ attention or show a sneak peek of the story you are going to tell.

Makes it look professional

One of the very first objectives for any business setup should be to provide an all-out professional image of their brand. Irrespective of the platform you are using to communicate with your audience (whether digital or traditional), the users must get the idea of your brand as a thorough professional one.

Imagine a huge chunk of your potential customer group comes across one of your brand’s posts on Instagram that has dull colors or is missing your brand’s logo.

Not a pleasant picture to imagine we reckon!

It is exactly to avoid such adverse situations to occur that you need to have professional graphic design in social media.

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Marketing Material Design

Provides the expected brand recognition

Social media is all about graphics. Visual content such as images, graphics and infographics often receive higher engagement on social media than posts containing text only.

So, if you let your customers remember you through your social media designs, they will come back sooner or later to learn more about your products or services.

In fact, there is a higher probability of them spreading the word and sharing your work with their friends and peers

This, also, raises another very important aspect to create brand recognition through graphic design in social media marketing; consistency. The more consistent your social media designs are, throughout, the easier it will be for your target consumers to recognize your brand.

Works on the attention span

Several researches have shown that the average human attention span is not more than 7 to 8 seconds.

Now, social media is an endless pool of visual and textual content for the audiences to go through. Users often simply scroll through their feeds without really paying attention to the posts therein. And, the ones they do pay attention to get less than one minute of their time.

With so much content on offer to go through and so less time to get the attention

Given that you only have a few seconds to catch their attention and a minute to stimulate their interest, it all comes down to the social media designs and their effectiveness. It is potentially very hard to acquire attention in such short duration through texts, or at least text alone. 

Therefore, good graphic design in social media marketing is crucial to get your target audience’s attention as well.

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We are here to help!

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Absolutely! Not only is social media advertising a great way to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions, but with the right strategic approach it can a powerful tool to help you crush the digital marketing world and take your business to the next level. Some industries see higher engagement than others on social media and it is worth speaking with a digital marketing professional to see the benefits your business can expect from social media advertising.

Social media advertising may not be important or necessary for every business, but for some businesses—likes eCommerce—it is vital. Social media advertising allows businesses to saturate the digital world when they combine social media with other digital marketing efforts. Advertising on social media works extremely well in combination with SEO & pay-per-click advertising by allowing you to capture users who are on search engines as well as social media platforms. With over 2.8 billion active users on social media each month, your business could be missing a massive online market.

Just about anywhere! From Instagram to LinkedIn, most social media platforms incorporate a marketing element with numerous advertising options into their platform.

By understanding your social media goals for an advertising campaign, you can set a budget to effectively meet your goals. Are you looking to increase your business page following? Do you want to send people to your website? Do you want to increase conversions or leads? Allocate enough funds towards advertisements that are designed to meet your specific marketing objectives.


Facebook ads can run for as little as $5/day, and their boosted posts can run for $1/day. So ask yourself, how many people do I want to reach? The reach of your ads is dependent on the target market you choose. Ad platforms can choose your budget and will then provide an estimated range of your audience size so you know if your target is too small, too broad, or just right.


Is your competition advertising on social media? If you’ve seen your competitors push ads to you on your social platforms, you should be there too! If your competitor dominated the first page in Google with your keywords, wouldn’t you want to perform strong SEO or pay Google to put you in front of them? Well, the same goes for social media.


When setting a budget, it’s necessary to remember that you are selecting the maximum amount of money you wish to spend. Most businesses spend about 15% of their total online budget on social media alone.

When it comes to creating an ad on social media it is important to have these five things:


Realistic goals – What do you want to accomplish with your advertising campaign?

A clear understanding of your core audience – Who is your target market?

Budget – Do you have the budget available for advertising?

High-resolution images and/or video – Do you have a good media library to utilize?

Messaging that reflects your audience – How can you get them to convert?

These five key components can help your social media advertising campaign succeed. How much should I designate to social media advertising?

In most cases, yes! Facebook and other social platforms have changed the game with their newsfeed algorithms, so in many cases you need to “pay to play” in order to make your organic content visible (organic content is content shared without paying for advertising and promotions). On average, businesses receive 2%-6% of organic reach for posts published on their business pages. If you’re not easily found on search engines or social media, wouldn’t you think it’s time for a change your digital marketing strategy?

Social media advertising is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses from large eCommerce companies to local, service-based businesses. When growing your local business, social media advertising can help you obtain leads, phone calls, and/or form submissions. Advertising on social media provides endless opportunities to enhance your business marketing goals.