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Brand identity services

what’s in a name?

The word brand gets thrown around a lot these days, and a lot of confusion is created by use of the terms brand, brand identity, brand management and other branding terms interchangeably when they are all different aspects of branding. However it all shakes out, the bottom line is brand identity is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy.

Brand identity is important to any successful business for several reasons, some of which are:

  • prospect awareness – Having a recognizable brand that reflects your product or service will stick around long after a prospect sees your ad, logo or post. They may not be ready to buy now, but when they are your brand will come to mind. In today’s marketplace, you have about three seconds to make an impact. Your brand must be engaging, memorable and a comprehensive reflection of who you are.
  • customer loyalty – A well-developed brand identity communicates not just your marketing message but also your customer promise, which resonates on an emotional level. This is how loyalty is formed. And remember, a loyal following attracts new customers too!
  • buyer motivation – A brand identity that reflects a superior or niche product and a reliable customer experience will win out over the competition when customers and prospects are weighing the choices.

promarkdirect offers the expertise you need to capture your brand, build your brand identity and establish and manage it in the marketing place. Our team of professionals will work with your company to explore the internal and external components that make up your brand experience and crystallize them into a brand identity that will convey your message in a glance. We will guide you through the process of:

understanding your brand

  • What do you think your brand is?  What is the value that you bring to your customers? How does your product or customer service experience make them feel? How do you want to be perceived and how do you think you are perceived – do they match?
  • What do your customers think your brand is?  Ask the same questions you ask yourself to your customers. In some cases the answers don’t match, and there is where the opportunity lies!
  • Where do you fit in the marketplace?  What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors? Are you a better value? What makes you different from the rest, and why should a customer or prospect buy from you?

building your brand identity

Once you have determined your brand identity you need to turn it into something that can be communicated. This is basically done utilizing your design elements. We will translate your brand identity into a clear, impactful, engaging representation of who you are by designing the tangibles:

  • company name
  • colors
  • logo
  • fonts
  • content
  • tone
  • graphics
  • tag lines
  • style

establishing your brand in the marketplace

managing your brand

It’s important to remember that branding is an organic experience, not a task. As your company, products, services, environment and the marketplace change your brand will evolve with it. It’s important to stay in touch, know when things are shifting and either make a correction to your marketing or a development to your brand identity.

promark will do all the essential research and analysis, both within your company and outside, to develop a comprehensive brand concept. We will turn that concept into a brand identity that embodies your company, develop the strategy for communicating your message and manage the execution and ongoing process of an evolving brand.

If you are ready to develop a brand identity, or know that you need to update or rebrand, give us a call or contact us. We’d love to talk about how we can help you stand out from the rest!

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Unsure of how or where to start? Not to fear. As a branding agency that has crafted hundreds of brands from scratch,
we have mastered our holistic approach to building a brand around your BIG and bold why.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of our recent re-branding projects.

Branding Design
A brand isn’t a logo, or product packaging, or an advertisement. It’s not your company culture, or how your impacting the world, or your unique story. A brand is all of those things combined. Inventing Idea is ordinary, we invent an Emotion! It is the emotion that fire up the client and raises the curiosity to know more about the product, eventually leading to purchase. As a creative branding company, we make sure that this emotion gets enough space to remain, by being consistent yet innovative in our branding tone, every time we touch your product or service.
Promotions Design
A marketing campaign is incomplete without some elements of Outdoor Promotion. Branding Rabbit team is exceptional at their skill of creating impressive outdoor media items. Why Shout, when our Whispers are more Expressive! A brochure is not a laundry display of your products. Nor is packaging a pretty wrap. We are one of the advertising and branding companies who understand that promotions must also forecast trends, reveal your positioning, analyze the competition and display your piece in an extremely flattering manner while stirring desire, and top-of-the-mind recall, where none existed before.
Digital Business
What’s fun diving in a pond, when there is an Ocean to Discover! Digital Business Services helps you actively start your transformation journey. As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India, we develop a 360-degree marketing strategy encircle organic SEO (desktop & mobile), content marketing, Google adwords, mobile apps promotion, social media marketing, website development and email marketing. We adroitly use each activity to help your brand make remarkable impact on the target audience. Not just this, through our brilliant strategies, we also make your customers promote your brand in their own words.
Mobile App Design
Mobile phones have emerged as power-packed platforms for internet browsing, sharing and social networking. In this era where customers are swamp with vigorous marketing campaigns, we make you speak your audience’s language through mobile marketing. Mobile app is the vital tool to personalize the user experience, and as a branding agency we help you develop app marketing campaigns that keep the audience engaged 24*7.
Social Media Marketing
If you thought Social Media is meant for consumer centric brands only, think again! Social Media can help drastically boost your Brand awareness, increase website traffic and feed your hungry sales team with a large number of leads creating a fat sales pipeline for your B2b business. Branding Rabbit as a brand advertising agency helps you build new customer by leveraging the potential of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogs and more. Our team helps you define your social media marketing goals and develops social media strategies to enhance your brand engagement with the target audience through original concepts, peppered with creativity.
Content Design
They say Content is the King, we say Content is the Queen, because she has the power to regulate. Gone are the days when a customer would contact you to get the information of your product or service. In the flood of information, we make your brand stand out through creating unique, informative and entertaining content that makes the user scroll down more for information. Our digital marketing services aim to generate new leads and sales through compelling content on blogs, websites, banners, infographics, videos and social media channels.




We all love to fall in love; Likewise, consumers expect to stay connected with brands that interact/share and do a lot more to increase their post-purchase experience.

We design brand experiences that connect through the most powerful platforms.

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Braning Rabbit: All Designing needs at one place, Digital Marketing Agency

In the 20th century, social media was little more than a connecting trend. But in the 21st century, it has become more than an international market to represent you and your work. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat are only a few of them that make this huge planet a small home for all of us. The kids of today cannot even imagine what life was like two decade ago, when people didn’t even know about Facebook, didn’t use the internet at all and leave alone without a smartphone.

Thanks to the power of the Internet & Social Media, people all over the world have access to these now and stay updated about almost everything. Being unable to call, you can leave a voicemail or send a text or even better, tweet, Facebook message, etc. Similar to the phone, all we have to do is log in to a computer on our platform of choice and start putting our thoughts into words. Our voices have now become truly globalized. Also, Digital Marketing Companies can use the hashtag like #Branding which operate almost like keywords for targeted searches.

In the old days, in most cases, a #Digital Marketing Company had to shell out thousands or millions to be heard in most cases. Now, a small Online Marketing Company can easily achieve global reach within days of launching their business. Be it a video that could go viral or creating new knowledge that spreads like wildfire. In any case, social media has provided any Internet Marketing Agency the means to have a voice on par with the big dogs for everyone, including the smallest #startups or #professional businesses.

Digital Marketing Services Offered by Branding Rabbit

Branding Rabbit, a service Advertising Media Agency with a digital-first approach, provides services like Social Media Marketing, Website Design Development, Media Planning, Buying, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile App Development, Email Marketing, Branding, Strategy and Planning, Experiential Marketing, Graphic Designing, Online Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. It is driven by a team of young minds working out of 3 locations. This talented team full of creators, performers, organizers and overall spirits of pure enthusiasm, Branding Rabbit has helped a number of agencies to shoot up to the top 10 in their industry. Creating something beautiful and unique every day, building brands and designing websites for talented people from all around the world are just the basics that the company live for.

Branding Rabbit has had the privilege to work with some of the most sought-after brands in the country and expect to grow in other countries soon. The company helps startups to grow and nurture with their set of skills that they can use for them, along with helping non-marketing startups to expand their portfolio. Setting up their own startups for B2C is also their motive. Branding Rabbit continuously formulating the success story of the company.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Companies

In today’s world, a Digital Marketing Agency has access to the mass market with many benefits over TV or print advertising while it also allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits of digital marketing include:

  • Global reach – a website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment.
  • cost-effective – a well planned and strategically targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than the traditional marketing methods
  • the most measurable form of marketing – web analytics and other online metrics tools make it easier to establish how effective a campaign has been. An online marketing agency can obtain detailed information about how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.
  • Personalization – if the customer database is linked to the company’s website, then whenever someone visits the site, the agency can greet them with targeted offers. The more they buy, the more a Digital Agency can refine their customer profiles and market effectively to them
  • Building amity through Openness – through getting involved with social media, a company can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with
  • Social reputation – digital marketing lets agencies engage audiences through campaigns using different types of rich media content. On the internet, these campaigns can gain social standing – being passed from user to user and becoming viral
  • Increased conversion rates – with a website, customers are only a few clicks away from completing a purchase. Unlike other media like tele and physical shopping, digital marketing can be seamless and immediate.

Together, all of these aspects of digital marketing have the potential to add up to more sales for a Digital Marketing Company.

Digital Marketing for Startups, Leverage the Tools & Knowledge to gear up for the exciting startup journey.

For a Startup, going up against competitors who have a hundred times the spending power was not always an easy task. To their luck, the digital revolution if used effectively has been their much-needed equalizer in the marketing world.

To spread their products or services, Marketing Agencies can now make use of digital tools and technologies that most people depend on every day. This would include smartphones, search engines, tablets, video on demand, and social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The cost of entry to market on these is low, and marketing reach has very little to do with the size of your budget.

Creating the perfect online marketing message can now take a small company from one little corner of the world to a hundred different places, in a matter of seconds and would still not amount to even half the cost of traditional marketing methods to reach global destinations. Keeping in mind the fact that it’s all about selling solutions, not technology, to real customers who have real needs and problems they want to solve, Startups are able to make efforts at effective campaigns to captivate the audiences.

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

All things are getting digital shape worldwide. Consequently, the way we communicate, cooperate and make decisions is also influenced by the era of digital technology. Trends are coming that will change the world around us as the technology keeps improving.

Jay Baer, Bestselling Author, Marketing Expert and Founder of Convince & Convert said: “Content is fire; social media is gasoline.”. The Digital world now has the likes of an Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Big Data and more that have influenced more than they were initially expected to.

There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era and businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you last year may not work this year.